Brakoo Bitcoin Lottery: a Wagers Game

Brakoo is a wagers game jackpot site that is rolled once a day, every day. With its provably fair system and high jackpots, you get great prizes! With Brakoo, you can win 1 bitcoin in a day!

How Works this Bitcoin Wagers Game?

wagers game

The wagers game Brakoo is simple and reliable. Simply deposit any amount of bitcoin you wish to deposit, and it will be placed into the pot. Once the time is up, the chances are rolled, and whoever wins wins it all!

Note that some wallets are not compatible with Brakoo, namely the shared wallets like Xapo, Coinbase, and Bitstamp, as well as wallets from other gambling sites. Ones that CAN be used include Electrum, QT, Blockchain, and Android wallets- view the full list at Here.

Also note that it takes 6 confirmations to be put into the pot. On fast days, this can take from an hour or less to over 2 on a slower day. Don’t worry- it will eventually get deposited, and if it doesn’t, it’ll be considered in the correct day’s pot anyway.

Provably Fair?

Yes, the wagers game Brakoo’s provably fair!

Although it doesn’t have a calculator to see if the rolls are actually provably fair, they have included C# code of the rolling mechanism so you can check yourself, but the system they use is actually far different from most of the provably fair mechanisms used in an ordinary gambling site.

Brakoo uses the hash of the first block mined after the game ends, and then this, said by the website:

Then, we initialize a counter, which is incremented by the value of the game, for each game. In the loop, if the counter is more or equal than the winner position, the transaction is the winning one. The sender address of this transaction is the winner.

The C# code is listed bellow, so you can go check it out for yourself in case you’re interested how you won or lost a game.

win 1 bitcoin

Note that with pots that have many inputs, the cost of the sending fee will be high, so try to enter pots with few bets. These will ensure that you will get a winning with the closest amount of bitcoin that you won.

Besides that, Brakoo only takes a miniscule 1% of the winnings to cover the running costs. This is small compared to other site; some will charge up to 5% fees, while the wagers game Brakoo takes a measly 1%.

That means if you win 1 bitcoin, Brakoo will only take 0.01 BTC from it! This is probably the closest you’ll ever get to a pure jackpot, as the fees they take are tiny!

You can Win 1 Bitcoin (or more)!

The top win at Brakoo has been over 1.7 BTC, and it could be you next! Brakoo has had a total of 50.75 BTC in total wagered, and it goes higher every day! You could be next! With the wagers game Brakoo, the difficult task of winning 1 bitcoin has never been easier.



Brakoo has only one pot and only one feature, but it has lower fees than most jackpots, and larger pots than most. As a dedicated jackpot site, Brakoo is simple and fun to play, and we’d definitely recommend this game to anybody who likes taking risks, and gaining the most out of them.

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