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Crypto-Games is an online casino that offers 4 games, but accepts almost 9 cryptocurrencies per game! Each game has its own subcategory, based on the crypto you choose(each game is the same, but it definitely helps to keep each coin in its own category).

The online casino began in 2014, and it’s steadily worked its way up into the top few casino sites in the crypto community, with over 14,000 BTC bet overall and more every day!

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Games & Features

Crypto-Games has decided to keep its website nice and neat, and has kept each game in its own category. It’s helpful if you’re a person who uses multiple coins, but for most people, Bitcoin seems to be the popular coin to use.


The first game we’ll look at is dice. Since each game is identical, we’re using Bitcoin as the reference. Dice is what you’d expect from a online casino or casino sites – There’s manual betting, and a bot, so that you don’t have to keep rolling manually. The interesting thing here is that Crypto-Games lets you choose WHEN to roll. Most websites have a martingale bot like this, but most roll continuously, or have a set number, not time. What this allows you to do is that it lets you roll many times a second, because the unit is milliseconds. It also has a maximum bet size, so you don’t double on loss until you lose, and there’s also a setting to stop if your balance is lower than x, which is great if you want to earn profit, but don’t want to lose everything.

Crypto-Games also offers a provably fair checker for their games, which is helpful if you feel like you’re in a losing streak and want to check if your rolls were indeed fair. Crypto-Games has provided an explanation of how it works, but they don’t offer a checker on their website itself. It’s a small inconvenience, but i’d rather go to an external website and check rolls rather than hoping they were fair. They have made up for the lack of a website checker by linking you to an external website, but they should really consider adding an internal checker.


The next game we’ll be looking at on this online casino is slots. Similar to dice, slots is a barebones game. The game’s very self-explanatory, but if this feels unfair, you can check the rolls using the same provably fair checker, on the tab to the very right, and you can use the same verifier to make sure your bets were fair.
Rewards are listed in a tab on the right, and it shows you what you can earn on the slots. As you can see, there are many winners of the slots, but the top reward has only been hit 29 times. In comparison, another has been hit 385179 times! It’s understandable that they have to balance rewards, but some of them look VERY difficult to get.


Next, we’ve got Blackjack. The blackjack on this online casino is very beginner-friendly, and it offers tips and help. Like most of the other games, it offers a provably fair checker so you don’t get scammed out of your bitcoins. One unique feature Crypto-Games features that other online casino sites don’t have is surrendering. Nobody likes to surrender, but sometimes you might to cut losses.


Lotto is the last game Crypto-Games offers, and it’s a simple one. It’s good to note that they only accept 3 cryptocurrencies for lotto – Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Each ticket costs 0.0001 BTC, and each pot amount depends on how much people invest into the pot. Most of the winners of the pots have near or around 30%, but occasionally, somebody will win with less than 1%(probably 1 ticket). Not great chances for small numbers of tickets, but if you put in more than 0.001 BTC, you could earn quite a bit.

It has a Bitcoin Faucet!

If you ever run out of Bitcoin to use, you can use the faucet provided by the casino site. Simply click rewards, and you’re able to fill out a captcha that allows you to earn bitcoin. There is a cap on this, however, so use it wisely.
One interesting thing about the faucet is the addition of levels. Each level lets you earn more from the faucet- you begin with 0.00001, and at the top you can earn 0.0002. A more dedicated gambler probably won’t ever use the faucet at all, so for heavy gamblers, this feature is pointless. If each level offered something universal like a lower house edge, it’d at least be used and encourage more people to gamble, but for a less dedicated gambler, this is a great feature.


Crypto-Games is a great online bitcoin casino offering 4 games and accepting 9 different cryptocurrencies. The website is cleanly laid out, and lets users gamble how they like. This is a great website, and we hope you’ll catch the winning spirit!
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Helpfulness: 5
Variety: 4
Bonuses: 4
Overall: 4.5

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