DigitalNote: Invest in Cryptocurrency with Anonymity

Digitalnote (XDN) is a cryptocurrency that provides secure messaging for a close to nothing cost. These are very professional and important features to invest in cryptocurrency nowadays.


Invest in Cryptocurrency with Anonymity and Encrypted Messaging

invest in cryptocurrency


Well, it is a well-known fact that emails are largely monitored by the secret services, and bitcoin transactions can be linked to one another with enough work, compromising your anonymity.

Digitalnote removes the need for any mixer services since none of your transactions can be linked, and messages can in no way be hacked. You always should think about security before invest in cryptocurency.

It is truly decentralised and you can send messages to anyone in the world who has a DigitalNote wallet.


The Professional-looking Digitalnote Wallet

After downloading the graphical wallet from here and running it, the wallet takes a while to synchronise with the blockchain. After this you are ready to use the wallet!


invest in cryptocurrency
Operational Systems Supported by XDN Wallet


Send a few transactions and you’ll notice a great speed, with it taking just minutes to reach the other wallet.

Sending messages is surprisingly easy, a nice feature being able to set the anonymity level from 1-10 (We advice you to set leve 10 when you are handling with important amounts of money or since you invest in cryptocurrency).

You can also choose to hide the sender (they won’t know who is the XDN or message is coming from and also to set a self-destruct time from 5 minutes to 14 hours.

In the future, the DigitalNote team will be producing a Proof of Activity (PoA) algorithm, which will reward users for depositing.

Depositing involves “locking” some of your XDN for some time (you cannot use it) and the advantage of this is that you earn interest. It is not very profitable (until PoA introduction) but it helps support the network.


Mining XDN

Another key feature is that DigitalNote has ASIC resistant mining. ASICS are machines built only for mining. For currencies such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin, a month of mining with a normal computer will earn you less than a cent!

The main pool for DigitalNote mining is MinerGate, an easy to use program which gives you the option of many altcoins.

It is possible to mine 100 XDN in just a few hours with a normal computer! Just select XDN from the MinerGate interface and click the “Start mining” button.


invest in cryptocurrency
Profit prediction mining at 10 KH/s through Minergate


Many people have been worried that someone with a large amount of coins could deanonymise other users.

However, this kind of attack is next to impossible and would not be practical. The attacker would end up losing all his investments in Digitalnote.




The main aim of Digitalnoters right now is to spread the word. There is a surprisingly small community for this altcoin, which is why they want more people to know about their coin.

Check their main community on Reddit here! It’s a well recommended place to understand and learn more about XDN. It’s a “must see” before you do invest in cryptocurrency.

They request that if you are interested you should subscribe to their subreddit to show your support for the community and comment on the forum.

Digitalnoters are planning some giveaways soon on their subreddit, so I expect their community to be increasing over the next few months.

I got in touch with one of the DigitalNote members and he said that soon a community fund will be set up to reward users and will be open to donations.



Digitalnote allows you to send encrypted messages with several unique features in no other cryptocurrency. You always must look to these features when you invest in cryptocurrency.

They have ASIC resistant mining so that anyone can earn XDN. Digital notes can also be bought through several exchanges such as Poloniex.

They are increasing their community through the rewarding of active users and through advertising.

Definitely a cryptocurrency with promise, it has unique features and I am expecting a rise in price very soon.

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