Gambling, a Great Option Among Bitcoin Betting Sites [REVIEW] is one of the best betting sites and offers 1 game, with many features added into it. The gambling site uses mBTC (1 milibitcoin is 0.001 BTC), and has the simple game of dice. A very popular game in gambling sites., a Great Option Among Bitcoin Betting Sites

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Rollin features 1 game with many options- but let’s get down to the game itself first. Most gambling sites offer a dice game, but in you can choose to roll higher than 50 or lower than 50. You can also use a built-in Martingale bot- you can customize how many times you want to roll, when to stop, and the norm. It’s a very good tool for betting sites.

Provably Fair

In case you were wondering, Rollin offers a system to verify bets. Simply click on the Provably fair button, and you’ll be directed to a page where you can verify your bet. Most betting sites offer provably fair verification nowadays, so it’s nice to know that the system’s fair if you lost a large amount of bitcoin.

As other Bitcoins Gambling Sites, has a Faucet?

Yes, Rollin features a faucet! If you ever run out of bitcoin, you can get some from the faucet. Just click the button, enter a captcha, and you have it! Note that there’s a timer, and you can only get it when you’re nearly empty. The amount of bitcoin you get varies with levels, which we’ll talk about next.

The Levels System

Rollin offers a unique reward system for wagering more- each level gives you more earnings from their faucet, and a smaller house edge. You’d think this would be a great system, but for casual gamblers, it’s not so great- if you want to get to the second level, you’ll need to have turned 0.5 BTC over to the casino site. For an average person, this is a very large amount. You’ll need to work hard to get those rewards. Also, the rewards are great, but as you can see, it’s difficult to hit.

Bonuses And Leader Board

Rollin is a great bitcoin casino among the betting sites – it offers so many features, including Caesars! Caesars is a bonus where the person who gambles the most on the site gets 500Mbtc, the second gets 250, the third getting 125, and so on until it gets to the eighth at 25mBTC. While it’s great that they offer such high rewards, people will gamble A LOT here, and if you’re not an incredibly dedicated gambler, you’ll probably never get the bonus. So… You should gamble many times if you want great Caesar rewards.

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Rollin also offers Legends, which shows the top gamblers, and the people with most profit. This is even more difficult to get to than Caesars, as the 1st person on the leaderboard has gambled more than 4,700 BTC. On top of that, there’s no reward, but it’s just a way to see how much people have gained and lost.

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Rollin is a great bitcoin casino among gambling sites with loads of features, and overall is just a great game to play. Although it does only feature 1 game, you have real chance to earn bitcoins there. In addition to, specialized betting sites often have more features than a larger casino, so could offer new gamble games in the future. Bonuses are a bit on the high end, especially with levels; but they offer good rewards indeed. It’s still a great gambling site. Don’t stop betting, keep on!

Helpfulness: 5
Variety: 4
Bonuses: 3.5
Overall: 4

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